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“PHEW…..what’s that smell?”

12/8/2016 (Permalink)

Your nose will never let you down when there is something wrong in your home. There is usually an odor attached to wet contents, sewage back up, dead rodents, mold, rotting garbage, etc. Calling SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson at 520-760-9352 will bring a crew that will eliminate the cause of those odors and then the odors themselves. Just as there is nothing so memorable as a “bad smell,” it is equally satisfying to come back into a room and smell….”nothing.” At SERVPRO® we blend 80% of the cleaning solutions we use, and we pride ourselves in giving back to our homeowners their home with nothing but “Clean” in the air.   As an additional service, we offer our own fragrances to enhance the smell of your home. Between our liquid fogging air fresheners and our dry mist aerosols we have access to the following fragrances: Citrus, Cherry, Wintergreen, Lemon Fresh, Tropical Delight, Lemon-Berry, Cinnamon, Red Apple, Linen, Ocean Breeze, Melon, and Orange Cream. Sorry we do not have “New Car Smell”, yet.