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Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration Needed in Your Tucson Home? Call SERVPRO for Fast Service

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration Needed in Your Tucson Home?  Call SERVPRO for Fast Service Call SERVPRO to Salvage Carpets and Contents after a Large Tucson Home Leak Caused Water Damage

Unseasonably Cold Weather in Tucson Leads to Pipe Break and Water Damage

When water freezes, it expands. If the water happens to be in a pipe and freezes, the result can be a busted pipe and water pouring into your home. In areas of the country where the temperature doesn't dip below freezing regularly, you may not consider insulating your pipes, but it's never a bad idea to avoid potential water damage during an unexpected cold snap.

In this area, the average winter temperatures hover in the low to mid-40s. Due to an extreme cold front, one homeowner woke up to water all over her Tucson kitchen cabinets, walls and flooring from a broken pipe. After turning off the water, their first call was to SERVPRO. The homeowner had put down towels to absorb the water from the tiled kitchen floor to where it met carpeting in adjacent rooms. However, the towels that were meant to act as a barrier transferred water to the carpet when they became saturated, compounding the issue resulting in both the carpet and padding becoming wet. We immediately removed the towels from the area to stop this situation from continuing.

While one technician cleared items from the affected cabinets and set them out to dry, another SERVPRO tech drilled weep holes to allow more air circulation in the wall for faster drying. Weighted extractors were not used to push water from the carpet and padding so they can dry entirely in sync with the kitchen. The extent of the water soaking was handled readily by a wand and wet vac. Since this area of Arizona has low humidity, dehumidifiers were necessary for only a day to attain drying goals. Once dry, the weep holes were cleanly patched and the cabinets, flooring and contents were wiped down with antifungal cleaners to leave the room disinfected and smelling fresh and deodorized.

Efforts to stop water damage in the home should begin as soon as you see it. That's why SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson is Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we can take on a flooded corner in a kitchen or your entire home and restore it to its preloss condition. Get the process started by calling (520) 760-9352; an experienced technician is ready to assist you 24 hours a day.

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Is Faulty Wiring Toasting Your Tucson Home?

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Is Faulty Wiring Toasting Your Tucson Home? Faulty wiring in everyday appliances can cause fires.

Handling the Big Odors After Small-Scale Fire Damage in Tucson

The fire caused by the toaster having an unnoticed frayed wire was small and put out quickly, but the soot, smoke, and odor it left behind after the fact remained. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to come out and handle the cleanup from your kitchen disaster.

Cleaning up fire damage in your Tuscon home can be a three-fold project. First, your SERVPRO technician ascertains if there is water damage as well and address that issue immediately. Any damp walls left are dried using the most expedient methods, often air movers do the trick, rapidly drying the surfaces and inhibiting any secondary damage from extended wetness or mold in drywall, counters or cabinets.

Next, the physical evidence of the fire needs addressing. The technician is trained to determine if the scale of the damage and the specific type of cleaning that the situation requires. For a small scale fire extinguished quickly, the cleanup usually involves removing soot and residue from the local area with specialized dry sponges and cleaning products that specifically target soot and smoke residue. We also inspect items on countertops and cabinets to see if they have sustained damage or need cleaning.

The final step we take is to remove any lingering odor left by the fire. Your SERVPRO technician inspects the room where the fire occurred and also any adjacent rooms to determine how widespread the odor has traveled. One of the most precise ways to treat smoke odors utilizes thermal fogging. This method recreates both the heat and pressure expelled during a fire and effectively penetrates porous surfaces with a deodorizing agent. Another method used for odor control may be the use of gels or pellets, depending on the level of odor removal that your situation requires.

The technicians work as quickly as possible to restore your home to its preloss condition. Even small fires can leave significant odors in a home; it's a good idea to get professional-level help turning back the clock on the condition of your room.

You can rely on SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson to provide a fast response to your fire damage, smoke and odor issues with our professional services. Call (520) 760-9352 to arrange for a consultation with our skilled and experienced technicians.

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SERVPRO Helps Tuscon Business Owners Save Their Belongings

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Helps Tuscon Business Owners Save Their Belongings When you have water leaks in your business call the experts to restore your belongings.

Commercial Water Damage Professionals In Tucson Discuss Removing Moisture From Porous Substances

If moisture finds its way into your specialty furniture store in Tucson, your products could get damaged. Once moisture is present in places of your building where it is not supposed to be, commercial water damage can result. When dealing with disasters that occur at your place of business, our SERVPRO technicians know that saving your contents with extraction and drying can save you and your insurance company money in the long run. Replacing products inside your store can get costly, so we take extra measures to protect the items for sale in your shop from getting ruined. In some situations, we move out products inside your Tucson specialty furniture store and dry them separately from your building materials.

Moving out your contents can help speed up the drying process of both your products and your building's structural components. Drying materials quickly during a commercial water damage project in Tucson can help prevent fungal growth in the future. Moving wet items out of the affected building can also reduce problems created by excessive relative humidity levels. When dealing with porous items such as recliner chairs and couches, our SERVPRO crew often uses extra dehumidifiers so that vapor gets pulled from the air after it evaporates from solid substances at a faster rate. The more porous items that are present inside your store, the more likely extra dehumidification will prove to be useful.

If we do move your contents out of your building to dry them after water damage, our SERVPRO technicians set up your items in a clean and disinfected area. Sometimes we even seal off the region so that we can better control the environment. After we dry out your contents and structural components, we make sure everything gets cleaned and sanitized before it gets put back in your store. We often draw ourselves a map so that we make sure everything gets put back in the correct position.

If you ever notice that some of the pieces of furniture inside your store got wet, call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson at (520) 760-9352 any time of the day.

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Mold Cleanup in Tucson by SERVPRO Provides Industry Leading Equipment

1/3/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Mold Cleanup in Tucson by SERVPRO Provides Industry Leading Equipment SERVPRO Provides Industry-Leading Filtration Methods During Mold Remediation in Tucson

Why SERVPRO Uses Air Scrubbers During Mold Damage Remediation in Your Tucson Home

When SERVPRO arrives at your home to start any work, our Green Fleet comes loaded with the different pieces of equipment and all of our tools of the restoration trade. We serve Tucson with dedication and want to help both homeowners and businesses of all sizes flourish in our great city. Helping mitigate damage and remediate problems is part of the way we help strengthen our community.
Why SERVPRO uses specific types of equipment when cleaning up homes in Tucson and performing the different aspects of mold damage remediation can be summed up with three answers. We use air scrubbers to protect our health while we are working and to help make our work easier and faster, and we also use air scrubbing machines to protect your property.
While we are performing mold damage cleanup in your home, we use personal protection equipment, also known as PPEs. These different pieces of equipment protect our bodies from the many dangers of working in such situations. Pulling moldy materials away from studs in your walls can expose us to nails and other sharp objects. Our gloves protect our hands from cuts and punctures. Our masks protect us from breathing in debris in the form of dust or spores, while our goggles protect our eyes from any unexpected projectiles. Air scrubbers enhance the protection our masks provide by removing many spores and mold pieces from the air, making our respiratory masks even more effective. These devices utilize 0.3-micron size HEPA filtration systems to capture these particulates.
Remediating moldy areas in your home often calls for negative pressure chambers, which we build around the affected area. These temporary containment devices require the use of a robust system to draw the air out of the chamber and push it to the outside world. Air scrubbers provide this quite nicely and also remove many of the spores, as well as the dust we generate, from the air before it makes its way outside.
Outside of these chambers, we often use air scrubbers in various locations around your home to reduce the number of spores that mold releases when remediation activities disturb any actively growing mold colonies. These spores can travel to other sites and start new colonies in a brief period. Having air scrubbers already in place and running reduces the number of spores in your house down to an acceptable number.
Like any other competent mold damage remediation services, SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson cannot wholly eliminate microbes from your property. However, we use the latest and most effective equipment, including air scrubbers, to ensure your home's population of microbes is reduced to a healthy number. Call us at (520) 760-9352 for experienced professionals who can assess your situation and provide answers to your questions.

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When a Leaking Water Supply Line Sinks Your Tucson Kitchen

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When a Leaking Water Supply Line Sinks Your Tucson Kitchen Water supply line breaks can cause a lot of damage in a short time.

A Broken Kitchen Sink Supply Line Can Leave Your Tucson Home in Need of Water Drying Services

Supply lines are essential for bringing water from your piping to your sink; however, when they break, they can leave your residence in need of water drying services. When the supply line that connects to your kitchen sink breaks, it can spray water throughout the cupboard that your sink has been built into. Furthermore, that water can then leak out onto your tiled flooring and cause damage. When liquid seeps through the seams between the tiles, it can be absorbed by the base of the floor underneath it. The absorption can cause swelling, which in turn can cause cracks to the tile above it.  

Finding your sink leaking upon return home from work is never a fortunate turn of events, and the sooner that you can call local Tucson water drying services to come to your home, the better. The longer that you wait to address the water damage inside of your kitchen, the more potential there is for further problems to arise. It takes less than seventy-two hours for microbial growth to form once it has come into contact with excess moisture, and mold can cause health effects. Having professionals perform a restoration can ensure that your home feels like it was before the damage occurred.  

When SERVPRO arrives at your home, our first task is to do an initial investigation of the damage. From there, our IICRC-certified technicians can develop a drying-plan, and our estimator can walk you through the likely solution and any questions you may have.  

To combat the water that has been absorbed into the cupboard under your skin and the kitchen floor, SERVPRO can use tools such as air movers, ventilation fans, and dehumidifiers. We can even try to find a way to approach your kitchen floor from the underside as well, to ensure that fresh and dry air is hitting both sides of the moisture.  

SERVPRO equipment is designed to draw the moisture out of objects through evaporation. When all three tools work in conjunction, it creates the optimal environment for moisture to be extracted. Once finished drying your home, we can give you the number of a reputable plumber who can replace the broken supply line under your skin and then leave your home "Like it never even happened."  

Should you find that your home is in critical need of water drying services, never wait to get help. Dial (520) 760-9352 on your phone to get in touch with SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson. 24/7, our technicians are available to come to you.

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Learn How SERVPRO Professionals Can Cleanup Your Tuscon Water Damage

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Learn How SERVPRO Professionals Can Cleanup Your Tuscon Water Damage Let the SERVPRO professionals use the right equipment to clean up after water damage.

Quality Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services Available In Tucson

Did you know that water damage mitigation professionals use the most advanced equipment, resources, and personnel available to clean your home after a flood? The majority of the equipment made available by hiring an expert is generally not available for purchase from your local stores, not to mention that much of it also requires specialized training to operate correctly.

If you find yourself facing water problems in your Tucson area home and are considering performing water damage cleanup on your own, you need to remember that the majority of your everyday carpet cleaners are not designed to remove water. You might be thinking you can purchase a shop vac at your local hardware store and remove water yourself. However, you should know that you are most likely going to cause additional damage and end up calling in a professional. So, why to would you want to take on the extra expenses before the inevitable occurs.

SERVPRO puts hand-held, and truck-mounted water extractors of every shape and size to work for you. We also utilize heavy-duty dehumidifiers, air movers, portable heaters, fans, vacuums, hygrometers, and water detectors, all without you having to worry about renting or purchasing equipment yourselves.

Our water extraction equipment makes removing large amounts of standing water fast, quickly making work of hundreds to thousands of gallons. Our dehumidifiers and air movers help extract water from many damaged materials, the indoor environment itself, and makes the entire drying process quicker than ever before.

SERVPRO provides you with 24-hour emergency cleanup and restoration services. With fast response times and a significant reduction in downtime, our resources and highly trained personnel give you a massive advantage, preventing many conditions that cause corrosion, rot, and even mold. You can avoid many problems often associated with water damage on your property, by contacting a quality restoration company, today. Please, leave your home’s recovery to trained professionals, dedicated to providing you with the quality restoration services you deserve.

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson to request professional cleanup and restoration services throughout the area. We stand ready to assist, call us for help. (520) 760-9352

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Affected by Recent Flooding? Prevent Secondary Damages in Tucson with Team SERVPRO

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Affected by Recent Flooding? Prevent Secondary Damages in Tucson with Team SERVPRO When flooding affects our area, the devastation can be overwhelming. Call SERVPRO right away to dry out your flooded property.

Flood Damage Restoration for Your Tucson Home

When weather conditions in Tucson turn south, they can take a significant toll on your property as a homeowner. Severe thunderstorms, powerful winds, and flooding can all lead to severe damage to your home. Although we cannot control the weather when storms and flooding occur, there are ways to safely and quickly mitigate a property. However, do not delay. Doing so only leads to further damage to the structure of your home and any contents inside that were affected.
When you are in need of flood damage restoration in Tucson, do not hesitate to contact our staff at SERVPRO right away. The sooner we know about the damage, the faster we can get to you and restore your home to the way it was before the water intrusion.
One thing we need to inspect for moisture is the insulation in your home. Moisture lessens the effectiveness of the insulation. To see if the water penetrated your walls, we use moisture meters. If we find that flood waters have done so, SERVPRO techs may need to remove the insulation, especially if it has become matted. Fiberglass insulation might not lose its insulating power for good, unlike other kinds. We might, on the other hand, be able to dry it back out.
Rockwool and cellulose insulation usually get matted when moisture hits them. Moisture also affects the antimicrobial qualities and the fire resistance of cellulosic material. Rockwool also has metal in it, that can rust when it becomes wet. We may have to replace these kinds of insulation.
We cannot always restore fiberglass insulation because drying is slowed because of the vapor barriers on it. If your walls or ceiling cavities are fully enclosed, drying the insulation can prove difficult. Our biggest concern here is preventing the growth of mildew and mold.
Ventilation is needed to dry out your wall cavities. One way we do this is to remove baseboards and drill holes in between the studs. We then force air through the holes into the cavities to make evaporation faster. If we find much moisture, some areas of the drywall might have to be taken out.
SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson ensures that we find any moisture that could be hidden in your home in Italian Spring, Ventana Canyon, or Willow Canyon after flooding has occurred. Once the storm has subsided, reach out to as any time of the day at (520) 760-9352 so we can help you remove the water and moisture from your structure.

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Is Mold Spoiling Your Tucson Home?

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Is Mold Spoiling Your Tucson Home? Mold is still an issue in Tucson. Call SERVPRO to remove the mold from your home.

Why SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediation is the Tucson Go-To

When coping with a mold outbreak in Tucson, you need a remediation firm that combines robust containment and removal techniques with practical tips to inhibit the second round of damage. Competence and confidence are what you seek, and you find this pair when you hire our team for this project. 

Despite their desert location, mold in Tucson can thrive since all mold spores need is a bit of moisture and an organic surface to thrive. SERVPRO is a good fit as a mold abatement partner because we use IICRC training supporting our remediation techniques and our professional approach. We do not engage in the panic and hype some firms bring to mold damage challenges. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed a mold remediation protocol SERVPRO follows. Once we locate the mold colonies, we use physical barriers and often a negative pressure air scrubber configuration to contain the mold and the debris created during removal. Access to the technology that creates the negative pressure containment is one of the reasons why SERVPRO is the logical choice when selecting a remediation team. 

Our technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while removing the mold growth for personal safety and avoiding tracking moldy debris through your home during the project. We use mechanical means to dislodge the mold growth, including brushes and scrapers. These work well on solid, non-porous surfaces. However, you appreciate why SERVPRO is a mold remediation leader when strategies like soda blasting remove the mold hyphae even from porous structures. 

Final steps in SERVPRO’s mold remediation include vacuuming the treated area with HEPA filtered equipment to ensure no particles remain to seed a new colony. As further insurance, we use EPA registered antimicrobial products to inhibit the germination of the opportunist mold spores prevalent in the air and on surfaces. 

The most effective way to avoid future mold growth is to find and eliminate the sources of moisture that supported the initial infestation. SERVPRO shares this last tip as evidence of our professionalism. We enjoy helping our customers but feel the most ethical way to manage mold projects is to do all in our experience and power to make our mold remediation a rarely sought specialty. 

Training and a commitment to integrity are why SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson is a leading mold remediation specialist in our community. Call (520) 760-9352 for a reliable and proactive approach to your mold problem. 

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Did you Know That the Correct Equipment can Help Detect Pockets of Water in Your Tucson Home?

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Did you Know That the Correct Equipment can Help Detect Pockets of Water in Your Tucson Home? Regardless of whether the flooding was from an external or internal source, team SERVPRO can effectively remediate the damage.

What To Do If Your Tucson House Is Flooded

Flood damage often comes from weather-related issues such as a hurricane, heavy rain, storm, or anything unexpected. The worst part about the flood is that the water often contains a lot of microorganisms, dirt, toxins, chemicals, and other unpleasant contaminants. If you have just gone through a flood and wondering what to do, then lucky for you, we have some excellent strategies that you can take.
Flood damage in the Tucson location can be quite nerve-wracking, but fortunately, there are things that you can do. The first step is to call your insurance company to see if you have flood coverage and then call SERVPRO. Let us do the heavy lifting and the potentially dangerous tasks. There could be hidden debris, broken glass, or furniture that can puncture the skin or worse. Carpets contaminated by groundwater flooding must be thrown out. Since it could be heavy and difficult to discard these items, let the experts help you. Plus, It is best to avoid any electrical outlets or appliances to prevent electrocution.
The SERVPRO flood restoration experts can come in to assist you. They have an organized and efficient move-out service to protect your belongings from further destruction. These highly trained technicians can promptly begin the water removal process. They can utilize a powerful pump and vacuum to remove excess water and to reduce the drying time. These reliable techs can also inspect your carpet pad to determine if it needs to be removed or not. Most likely, they are going to remove your carpet from the flood damage. They have other state-of-the-art technology such as an infrared camera to locate hidden water behind walls and ceiling. They also use a moisture detector and hygrometer to determine the moisture content. With all this technology and expertise, you know that you are in great hands.
If you are ready to restore you’re home after flood damage, then give SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson a call at (520) 760-9352. We can promptly send our reliable technician to your residential establishment.

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Water Soaking Your Flooring in Tucson--Just Call SERVPRO

11/1/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Soaking Your Flooring in Tucson--Just Call SERVPRO Thumbs Up for SERVPRO for Moisture and Water Removal from Tucson Homes

SERVPRO - Water Removal Methods For Tucson Homes

Flooding in Tucson homes usually results from inside sources. Most of these only drop small amounts of water onto floors, like a pipe rusting out under a kitchen sink. A split line that feeds water into an ice maker though can flood the entire floor of a home over a weekend.
When the water rests on a Tucson home’s kitchen linoleum or tile, it does not pose a threat unless there is enough to force its way underneath through section seams or seepage into grout lines. If it does happen, then water and air bubbles can form that soften the glue holding the linoleum in place and lift it off the floor. SERVPRO restoration teams use space heaters and dehumidifiers to force the water to evaporate and then draw it out of the air. After shrinking the bubbles, team members carefully use weights and heat to return the linoleum to its original shape and position, if feasible and possible.
If the flooding came from a backed up toilet or a faulty septic tank, SERVPRO cannot guarantee a carpet is safe for use after cleaning it. We recommend discarding the contaminated floor covering. If the water is clean, our technicians can restore most carpets. First, they use an extraction wand to draw as much water as possible out of the carpet. Next, team members lift and roll the carpet out of the way to remove the pad underneath.
They use air movers to blow warm, dry air over the exposed floor to dry it and lay down a new pad. Finally, unroll the carpet and tent it with air movers at one end and box fans at the other to completely dry it and then tack it back in place. This process is elaborate and is used if economically sound and the homeowner wishes to salvage this carpet.
If the home has wood floors, water removal can require more time and effort. Technicians use moisture content meters to measure the amount of water trapped in the floorboards. If it tests too high, they use dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the floorboards and surrounding air. Team members also use air movers to dry the surface, adjusting the heat to prevent cracking or splitting. Drying mats, another SERVPRO professional-grade piece of equipment, can draw the water and moisture from the joints and the underlying floor beams or concrete pad.
If they find moisture in the floor cavity underneath, technicians either use those mats, lift a floorboard or drill a hole underneath a section of floor trim to dry it. They then attach a hose to an air mover to force air into the cavity to speed up drying it and the dehumidifier to continue drawing the evaporated water out of the air.
At SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson, our goal is to put you safely back into your home as soon as we can. If you need our restoration services, we are here for you. Call us today at (520) 760-9352 to schedule an appointment.

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