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Affected by Recent Flooding? Prevent Secondary Damages in Tucson with Team SERVPRO

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Affected by Recent Flooding? Prevent Secondary Damages in Tucson with Team SERVPRO When flooding affects our area, the devastation can be overwhelming. Call SERVPRO right away to dry out your flooded property.

Flood Damage Restoration for Your Tucson Home

When weather conditions in Tucson turn south, they can take a significant toll on your property as a homeowner. Severe thunderstorms, powerful winds, and flooding can all lead to severe damage to your home. Although we cannot control the weather when storms and flooding occur, there are ways to safely and quickly mitigate a property. However, do not delay. Doing so only leads to further damage to the structure of your home and any contents inside that were affected.
When you are in need of flood damage restoration in Tucson, do not hesitate to contact our staff at SERVPRO right away. The sooner we know about the damage, the faster we can get to you and restore your home to the way it was before the water intrusion.
One thing we need to inspect for moisture is the insulation in your home. Moisture lessens the effectiveness of the insulation. To see if the water penetrated your walls, we use moisture meters. If we find that flood waters have done so, SERVPRO techs may need to remove the insulation, especially if it has become matted. Fiberglass insulation might not lose its insulating power for good, unlike other kinds. We might, on the other hand, be able to dry it back out.
Rockwool and cellulose insulation usually get matted when moisture hits them. Moisture also affects the antimicrobial qualities and the fire resistance of cellulosic material. Rockwool also has metal in it, that can rust when it becomes wet. We may have to replace these kinds of insulation.
We cannot always restore fiberglass insulation because drying is slowed because of the vapor barriers on it. If your walls or ceiling cavities are fully enclosed, drying the insulation can prove difficult. Our biggest concern here is preventing the growth of mildew and mold.
Ventilation is needed to dry out your wall cavities. One way we do this is to remove baseboards and drill holes in between the studs. We then force air through the holes into the cavities to make evaporation faster. If we find much moisture, some areas of the drywall might have to be taken out.
SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson ensures that we find any moisture that could be hidden in your home in Italian Spring, Ventana Canyon, or Willow Canyon after flooding has occurred. Once the storm has subsided, reach out to as any time of the day at (520) 760-9352 so we can help you remove the water and moisture from your structure.

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Is Mold Spoiling Your Tucson Home?

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Is Mold Spoiling Your Tucson Home? Mold is still an issue in Tucson. Call SERVPRO to remove the mold from your home.

Why SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediation is the Tucson Go-To

When coping with a mold outbreak in Tucson, you need a remediation firm that combines robust containment and removal techniques with practical tips to inhibit the second round of damage. Competence and confidence are what you seek, and you find this pair when you hire our team for this project. 

Despite their desert location, mold in Tucson can thrive since all mold spores need is a bit of moisture and an organic surface to thrive. SERVPRO is a good fit as a mold abatement partner because we use IICRC training supporting our remediation techniques and our professional approach. We do not engage in the panic and hype some firms bring to mold damage challenges. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed a mold remediation protocol SERVPRO follows. Once we locate the mold colonies, we use physical barriers and often a negative pressure air scrubber configuration to contain the mold and the debris created during removal. Access to the technology that creates the negative pressure containment is one of the reasons why SERVPRO is the logical choice when selecting a remediation team. 

Our technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while removing the mold growth for personal safety and avoiding tracking moldy debris through your home during the project. We use mechanical means to dislodge the mold growth, including brushes and scrapers. These work well on solid, non-porous surfaces. However, you appreciate why SERVPRO is a mold remediation leader when strategies like soda blasting remove the mold hyphae even from porous structures. 

Final steps in SERVPRO’s mold remediation include vacuuming the treated area with HEPA filtered equipment to ensure no particles remain to seed a new colony. As further insurance, we use EPA registered antimicrobial products to inhibit the germination of the opportunist mold spores prevalent in the air and on surfaces. 

The most effective way to avoid future mold growth is to find and eliminate the sources of moisture that supported the initial infestation. SERVPRO shares this last tip as evidence of our professionalism. We enjoy helping our customers but feel the most ethical way to manage mold projects is to do all in our experience and power to make our mold remediation a rarely sought specialty. 

Training and a commitment to integrity are why SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson is a leading mold remediation specialist in our community. Call (520) 760-9352 for a reliable and proactive approach to your mold problem. 

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Did you Know That the Correct Equipment can Help Detect Pockets of Water in Your Tucson Home?

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Did you Know That the Correct Equipment can Help Detect Pockets of Water in Your Tucson Home? Regardless of whether the flooding was from an external or internal source, team SERVPRO can effectively remediate the damage.

What To Do If Your Tucson House Is Flooded

Flood damage often comes from weather-related issues such as a hurricane, heavy rain, storm, or anything unexpected. The worst part about the flood is that the water often contains a lot of microorganisms, dirt, toxins, chemicals, and other unpleasant contaminants. If you have just gone through a flood and wondering what to do, then lucky for you, we have some excellent strategies that you can take.
Flood damage in the Tucson location can be quite nerve-wracking, but fortunately, there are things that you can do. The first step is to call your insurance company to see if you have flood coverage and then call SERVPRO. Let us do the heavy lifting and the potentially dangerous tasks. There could be hidden debris, broken glass, or furniture that can puncture the skin or worse. Carpets contaminated by groundwater flooding must be thrown out. Since it could be heavy and difficult to discard these items, let the experts help you. Plus, It is best to avoid any electrical outlets or appliances to prevent electrocution.
The SERVPRO flood restoration experts can come in to assist you. They have an organized and efficient move-out service to protect your belongings from further destruction. These highly trained technicians can promptly begin the water removal process. They can utilize a powerful pump and vacuum to remove excess water and to reduce the drying time. These reliable techs can also inspect your carpet pad to determine if it needs to be removed or not. Most likely, they are going to remove your carpet from the flood damage. They have other state-of-the-art technology such as an infrared camera to locate hidden water behind walls and ceiling. They also use a moisture detector and hygrometer to determine the moisture content. With all this technology and expertise, you know that you are in great hands.
If you are ready to restore you’re home after flood damage, then give SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson a call at (520) 760-9352. We can promptly send our reliable technician to your residential establishment.

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Water Soaking Your Flooring in Tucson--Just Call SERVPRO

11/1/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Soaking Your Flooring in Tucson--Just Call SERVPRO Thumbs Up for SERVPRO for Moisture and Water Removal from Tucson Homes

SERVPRO - Water Removal Methods For Tucson Homes

Flooding in Tucson homes usually results from inside sources. Most of these only drop small amounts of water onto floors, like a pipe rusting out under a kitchen sink. A split line that feeds water into an ice maker though can flood the entire floor of a home over a weekend.
When the water rests on a Tucson home’s kitchen linoleum or tile, it does not pose a threat unless there is enough to force its way underneath through section seams or seepage into grout lines. If it does happen, then water and air bubbles can form that soften the glue holding the linoleum in place and lift it off the floor. SERVPRO restoration teams use space heaters and dehumidifiers to force the water to evaporate and then draw it out of the air. After shrinking the bubbles, team members carefully use weights and heat to return the linoleum to its original shape and position, if feasible and possible.
If the flooding came from a backed up toilet or a faulty septic tank, SERVPRO cannot guarantee a carpet is safe for use after cleaning it. We recommend discarding the contaminated floor covering. If the water is clean, our technicians can restore most carpets. First, they use an extraction wand to draw as much water as possible out of the carpet. Next, team members lift and roll the carpet out of the way to remove the pad underneath.
They use air movers to blow warm, dry air over the exposed floor to dry it and lay down a new pad. Finally, unroll the carpet and tent it with air movers at one end and box fans at the other to completely dry it and then tack it back in place. This process is elaborate and is used if economically sound and the homeowner wishes to salvage this carpet.
If the home has wood floors, water removal can require more time and effort. Technicians use moisture content meters to measure the amount of water trapped in the floorboards. If it tests too high, they use dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the floorboards and surrounding air. Team members also use air movers to dry the surface, adjusting the heat to prevent cracking or splitting. Drying mats, another SERVPRO professional-grade piece of equipment, can draw the water and moisture from the joints and the underlying floor beams or concrete pad.
If they find moisture in the floor cavity underneath, technicians either use those mats, lift a floorboard or drill a hole underneath a section of floor trim to dry it. They then attach a hose to an air mover to force air into the cavity to speed up drying it and the dehumidifier to continue drawing the evaporated water out of the air.
At SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson, our goal is to put you safely back into your home as soon as we can. If you need our restoration services, we are here for you. Call us today at (520) 760-9352 to schedule an appointment.

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Three reasons to Choose SERVPRO to Restore Your Flood Damaged Tucson Home

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Three reasons to Choose SERVPRO to Restore Your Flood Damaged Tucson Home Flash floods cause a lot of damage. SERVPRO is on call 24/7 to restore your home.

SERVPRO's Formula for Success Dealing with Tucson Flood Damage

The most effective way to control costs in your home in Tucson when flood damage hits is to get a professional mitigation company like SERVPRO on the scene in as little time as possible. By getting a team of technicians on the ground within hours of the disaster, we can stop many of the most severe effects of flooding from happening in the first place. Our refined response process over decades of hard work and critical analysis of our techniques, and today, we bring the most powerful mitigation services in the industry to homeowners right here in Tucson.

Fast 24/7 Responses

One of the most important keys to our success in dealing with flood damage in Tucson is our ability to get on the site and stop damage from happening within only a couple hours of your first phone call. When you call us, a countdown of four hours starts ticking for our technicians to be on the site, and they usually arrive faster. Our large-scale operations and national network of SERVPRO franchises allows us to respond at any time, in any weather, and to any size disaster that might hit the area.

Experienced Crews

Every crew we send out carries years of experience shared between its members. We train and accommodate our technicians for the long-term, allowing them to develop their skill sets and expertise in the field and with the help of veteran co-workers. If you ever have any questions about the work they do, our technicians are more than happy to answer.

Industrial Equipment

Cleaning up after a flood requires drying, sanitizing, and cleaning equipment that is hard to come by in most hardware stores. The tools we use to remove water from your home, like our air movers that create strong currents of air throughout the home, are designed to be used for industrial-scale drying operations. These combined with the expert handling of our personnel contribute to our record of some of the fastest and most thorough water removal in the country.

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson can help with any flood damage that hits your home, whether it's night or day, rain or shine. Call us as soon as possible after a disaster at (520) 760-9352.

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Insurance Woes After a House Fire in Tucson? Just Call SERVPRO to Help with the Recovery

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Insurance Woes After a House Fire in Tucson? Just Call SERVPRO to Help with the Recovery Tucson Homeowners Know that SERVPRO Has No Match for Fire & Smoke Cleanup and Restoration

The Claims Process Following a Fire in Your Tucson Residence

One of the first concerns that many Tucson homeowners consider when they face a disaster in their residence is how to pay for the recovery. While some situations might require you to dip into your own pockets, incidents like fire are often covered by the insurance provider for your home. The essential point about this coverage is understanding what they expect you to do and how to move the process along, so the restoration work does not stall out.

Fire damages can often be one of the most difficult things to see in your Tucson home. Even apart from the immediate traumatic sight of structural compromise, there are effects from the fire that spread far beyond the acute results of the flames. With so much work to be done, you can appreciate that the situation does not get easier to manage as time goes on. You do not want the claims process slow, and so you need to take an active stance in ensuring that the appropriate people get notified, and the steps get taken to approve the claim.

Once the first responders have left your home, notify your insurance agent about the situation. They likely can give you a detailed list of what they need to verify that the damage occurred and how to get the claim process started on their end. If they do not offer to send out their adjuster, they might ask you to contact one. Our SERVPRO estimator can catalog and photograph the damage your home sustained, as well as possibly provide a very ballpark figure as to what the insurance company can expect to pay to restore your home. The final budget when once given by your agent, assures you that SERVPRO can work within that number. We deal with many insurance providers and typically come highly recommended as a restorer.

While our SERVPRO team gets contacted directly by insurance companies on a regular basis, it is also sometimes left to the homeowner to determine the professional outfit they want to restore their home. Our team can work directly with your insurance adjuster to help expedite the claims process and get our technicians working on bringing your home back. This point bears repeating; we are here to help you.

Fires can be traumatic to live through, but with our professional restoration service, we can make this disaster disappear, “Like it never even happened.” Trust our SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson emergency response team to show up quickly and help you restore your home to preloss conditions. Give us a call anytime you need us at (520) 760-9352.

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How Professionals Remove Water From Your Tucson Home

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Professionals Remove Water From Your Tucson Home Burst water pipes can lead to a lot of water in your home. SERVPRO can safely remove the water and restore your home to its previous condition.

Monsoon season is coming to an end for Tucson and the rest of Arizona, but it is too early to empty the sandbags and put away the water-vacs and push brooms. Sudden rainfalls still happen, not to mention the year-round sources of flooding like broken dishwashers cracked pipes and rusted out water heaters.  

Thorough Tucson water removal requires more than just pumping out the kitchen and living room, however. SERVPRO restoration teams can pull water off floors, out of carpets, and draw it out of the personal and structural property.  

Depending on the amount of standing water, technicians use pumps or extraction wands. For significant flooding, they use the pumps to remove the majority of the water out of most homes in only a day or two. If the water came from outside the home, they treat it as contaminated and pump it directly into the nearest, active sewer opening. If the sewer system is blocked or otherwise unavailable, they pump the water into a tank truck for delivery to a water treatment plant where it is cleaned and recycled.  

Water from inside the home, unless it comes from a backed-up toilet, is considered clean. Technicians can pump it out of the home and drain it outside into the street. For water that only covers surfaces, they perform the same tasks using extraction wands. These smaller devices are adjustable for speed, and SERVPRO team members use them effectively to draw water out of carpets and off wood floors without accidentally causing secondary damage.  

Preventing secondary damage is also essential for removing water from furniture. At the start of cleanup operations, technicians pull everything out of the water to stop absorption and start the drying process. As team members pull water off the floors, others examine wooden and upholstered furniture for how much water was absorbed. Split wood and deteriorating cushions indicate considerable damage and most of these items require disposal.  

If there is no cracking and the cushions underneath are not water-logged, team members begin drying the furniture using a combination of air movers and fans to force warm, dry air across surfaces to force out moisture and remove it from the home as it evaporates into the air. If needed, they can also install a dehumidifier to draw water from the air and nearby furniture.  

At SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson, we want to return your home to what it was before the flooding. That means having and implementing a plan to dry your personal property as well as remove standing water. To set up a visit or for more information, call us at (520) 760-9352 today.

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The Real Truth About Flooding in Your Tucson Home

9/23/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Real Truth About Flooding in Your Tucson Home If an overflow of some sort, internal or external, has flooded your home, contact SERVPRO for effective water cleanup and remediation.

How to Deal Effectively with Flood Damage in Tucson

Floods deal both physical, and psychological damages. If suddenly you do not know what to do after seeing water rising in your Tucson property, know you are not the only one. Unless adequately prepared, other people caught in similar situations also suffer the same fate. Having the emergency contacts of a professional restorer is vital because once you call them, you can receive useful advice on what to do next.
Apart from the structure, flood damage in Tucson also affects contents of a house, but can also extend to the occupants if care is not exercised. The water contains several contaminants collected from sewage lines and other waste removal channels. It is therefore essential to wear the right protective gear when wading through such water. Our SERVPRO technicians usually have rubber gloves, protective body suits and boots allowing them to wade through any water depths without exposing themselves to unnecessary dangers.
Flood waters transfer contaminants to porous materials in the affected areas. Cleaning and disinfecting the materials cannot eliminate all the contaminants. Removal is the only guaranteed way to deal with the contamination. Our SERVPRO technicians remove the carpet and pad as well as any other affected items such as upholstered furniture. We also pressure wash structural components and use an EPA-registered disinfectant to deal with contaminants.
After a case of flooding, much debris might be left in the affected area. These might include damaged components from your house, mud, silt, and even sewage waste. To comply with city regulation, all these require proper disposal. Our SERVPRO team helps remove all the waste from your property for proper disposal.
Any flooded property requires proper drying as part of the restoration process. If excess moisture remains in the affected areas, you might end up dealing with microbial growth. Parts of the structure might also rot. After extracting all the standing water, the process should end with the removal of excess moisture. Our SERVPRO technicians dry your property to preloss levels using different equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers and drying mats among others.
In cases of flooding call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson at (520) 760-9352. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Firefighting Efforts Can Leave Your Tucson Pizzeria in Urgent Need of Water Removal Services

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Firefighting Efforts Can Leave Your Tucson Pizzeria in Urgent Need of Water Removal Services SERVPRO Keeps the Pizza Slices Coming After a Water Loss in Tucson

SERVPRO Strives to Minimize Water Loss in Tucson Stores and Get the Doors Re-Opened 

When a fire occurs on your property, the primary tool that firefighters use to extinguish it is water, and unfortunately, that can leave your pizzeria in desperate need of water removal services. Putting out a fire inside your pizzeria's kitchen can require hundreds of gallons of water that is pumped into your restaurant under high pressure. Firefighting efforts can leave water in places that you wouldn't have even considered to look; every nook and cranny of your kitchen is likely to be soaked.

Should you delay in calling for the help of professional water removal services to aid your Tucson pizzeria, the excess moisture could lead to further problems inside of your restaurant, such as mold or continuing degradation of fixtures. Additionally, the emergency fire-extinguishing system inside of your restaurant also uses a solution of powders designed to deny oxygen to the flames. In the aftermath, not only is there water to remove inside your kitchen, but also the remaining powder that may have turned into a muddy mess during firefighting efforts.
Here at SERVPRO, we understand how valuable your time is to you and, as a result, we work around your schedule. If the extinguishing should happen in the morning, we can come within hours of your call and work through the day until the remediation is finished so you can reopen your restaurant for business. Of course, the severity of the fire and water losses dictate the closure time. Should it happen during the evening, we can work through the night. Whenever you need the services of SERVPRO, we can be there.
Once our SERVPRO technicians report on the scene, they can clean up the initial debris left over by the fire and the extinguishing efforts. By removing the water at the scene, we can more easily access peripheral equipment such as wet/dry vacuums and extractors to remove the remaining water and moisture from your pizzeria.
Should you find your business in urgent need of water removal services, never hesitate. Reach out and contact SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson by dialing (520) 760-9352.

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Mold Damage in Tucson Often Takes Place in Laundry Rooms

9/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage in Tucson Often Takes Place in Laundry Rooms If your laundry room experiences an increase in moisture and you smell that musty mold smell, contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

Our Technicians Assess and Then Remediate the Mold Infestation in Your Home

A fungus needs three conditions to be present to form inside your Tucson home which are moisture, the correct temperature, and an organic food source. Houses already have plenty of organic substances because they get built with a lot of wooden and paper materials that can develop mold damage. Fungi like temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and most homes are kept at around 70 degrees. Once moisture gets added to this scenario, you have a prime location for microbial growth. Once microbes that already exist everywhere get activated by excessive moisture, building materials inside your home can receive mold damage.
If water ever leaks into your home, it must be removed within 48 hours or the microbes can start to grow. Therefore, most mold damage cases in Tucson are the result of water leaks going unnoticed. Sometimes appliances can malfunction and leak out moisture without you noticing it. Water pipes can develop slow leaks that pour small amounts of moisture into your building's structure.
One common place in every house that receives leaks you may not see right away is the laundry room. Many laundry rooms are small, confined, and close to the size of a closet making it difficult to easily see every corner of the room. Washers and dryers are heavy, so they do not get moved out of their places very often. Since laundry rooms are the home to your washer and dryer, there are water pipes and connections in the small area. The amount of water-related connections involved in a laundry room increases the chances of a leak taking place.
Our SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and have experience in dealing with moisture-related problems inside these rooms that are the home to your washer and dryer. When we first arrive at a problem in a laundry room, we immediately move everything out of the tight area so we can inspect the situation. Once we figure out the source of the problem, we repair the moisture source if needed.
Next, if microbial growth is present our SERVPRO restoration team analyzes the situation and tries to figure out how severe the contamination is. Once we determine the overall scope of the project and get work authorization from you, we contain the contaminated room. This means that we use heavy-duty plastic to seal off the room so that no harmful dust particles or mold spores can spread outside of the affected region during our restoration process.
If you ever see black mold inside your laundry room, call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson at (520) 760-9352 any time of the day.
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