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The Right Tool on the Job!

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

Moisture Meters

One of our most essential tools we use here at SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson is our moisture meters. The moisture meters allow the technicians to identify not only areas that contain moisture but also how much moisture the material has build up. It measures moisture content of building materials such as roofing, siding, insulation, drywall, plaster, wood, tile, and fiberglass. While there are a variety of moisture meters that SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson uses, we will talk about the thermal moisture meter.

The thermal moisture meter will categorize these different levels of moisture by color. In the picture displayed, you can see a small rainbow of colors that range from yellow to purple. The proper way to read this meter evaluates the temperature of the surfaces by identifying the color displayed on the screen to a level of moisture. Wet surfaces are usually colder than the surfaces nearby and displays a darker color. The drier areas are usually yellow or light orange.

Our project manager and technicians are trained to utilize this tool to provide customers with the most accurate information and properly handle the situation.

Should you have any concerns about possible water damage in your home due to a leak or any other service we provide such as Fire, Mold, Biohazard Cleaning, and more feel free to give SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson a call at 520-760-9352 !

Mold! Now what?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

What to do when you suspect mold

It is true that mold spores are everywhere, but water is the most common for mold growth. When you have a water loss, it is incredibly important to completely dry the area affected so mold will not grow. This is more than putting down towels and turning a fan on. There are a few steps for first time water and/or mold damage experiences.

  1. Call SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson to schedule a site inspection with an estimator to assess the problem and provide you with a quote. Our policy is to be there within 4 hours or sooner if this is an emergency.
  2. Contacting your insurance carrier to advise and request approvals if needed. SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson is on many insurance preferred vendor lists. If not filing a claim, just proceed with having our project manager fully explain the process and what to expect.
  3. Allow yourself to relax while SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson gets the job done using industrial equipment by our highly trained technicians. Our field and office staff will provide you with all information you need and answering any questions you may have.

Many people do not know that if you try to take care of it yourself, you run the risk of giving mold a chance to infiltrate your house when not properly remediated. Ensure yourself with a peace of mind that SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson is highly qualified and more than happy to assist with any kind of water, mold, and fire damage.

Give our offices a call with any questions you may have at 520-760-9352!

Any Suggestions

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

suggestion box Suggestion Box

The other day walking through the office, I noticed that we have a suggestion box now.  Our new GM Anthony installed a box to get input from the field and office staff looking for ways to improve our work conditions.  Since Covid-19, we have had to change our work processess and accommodate employees working from home as well as homeowners not wanting in person contact.  We have made many changes such as utilizing docu-sign and a new platform to have pictures taken.  All these changes came from the field and the office.  Today we opened the suggestion box and to much surprise we read our first suggestion.  Yes I concur, and fortunately it is Thirsty Thursday!!! Suggestion noted and Implemented.  Happy Thirsty Thursday!!!          

Happy Labor Day

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

From the employees at SERVPRO of Oro Valley/Marana East and SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson, have a safe holiday weekend!!!

Tucson is Tacos!!!!

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Tucson is Tacos!!!!

One thing that stands out in Tucson besides our Sonoran Dogs and EEGEE’S are traditional Tacos.   Every Tucsonan has their favorite Taco Shop!  Whether it be a food cart or Strip Mall location, we know where and what time we can get Tacos!!!

So being a foodie I have a new addiction to my favorite plates and it’s called a Quesabirria!!!

El Taco Rustico located at 2281 N Oracle Rd. Tucson AZ. 85705 service these deliciousness! It is a taco with cheese and a traditional Mexican stew as a dipping sauce. YUM!!! You will not know what heaven taste like, till you had one. 

Los Tacos Apson located at 3501 S 12th Ave Tucson, AZ.  is another favorite of mine with traditional carne asada that is out of this world.

Last, Taquieria Pico de Gallo located 2618 S 6th Ave Tucson, AZ. 85713 has the best Fish Tacos!  Plan on staying a while here, as everything is freshly made.

Next time you are out and about explore some new Taco Shops and get a Fresh perspective on Tucson’s food Scene.

When Bad Things Happen!

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

On Saturday morning, SERVPRO of Oro Valley and Marana East responded to an attempted burglary to a business. The assailants went ahead and rammed a vehicle into the store front requiring a cleanup and board-up. Our technicians were quick to respond and arrived within the hour of the call. They installed the board-up and finished in no time. We were able to install a working door with a lock system for this business so that they may continue to stay open. This is temporary but due to COVID-19 safety guidelines for insurances, it may be a while before the insurance company goes out and estimates the damages and begins repairs. 

SERVPRO of Oro Valley and Marana East believe it is very important to listen to the customer's concerns. We understand that the business must keep going and in this case, sometimes you have to get creative!

SERVPRO of Oro Valley and Marana East wants to provide you with not only great customer service but security that comes with dealing with an unexpected catastrophe. 

Give us a call if you have any questions with any residential and commercial building that may have experienced similar damages. 520-760-9352 

Big Fire!!! Big Response!!!!

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Sometimes there is a degree of difficulty on jobs that require special tools and additional manpower!  Recently, we were called out on a Warehouse Fire that had extremely high ceilings and lots of machinery.  We did the emergency extraction and then called for reinforcements.  Because we are a Franchise system there is always a team available to take on any job, any size, and at any time!  One call to our Large Loss team, and a 53-foot trailer was at the facility the next day!  Loaded with all the equipment and tools to handle this job.  Conveyor belts and electrical overhead scissor lifts and cherry pickers were dropped off and brought in the warehouse, to do the painstaking hand wiping to clean up this fire.

At SERVPRO Of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East, we have the experience to handle any size loss and when the degree of difficulty exceeds our capabilities, we call (Broken Arrow)  and the support of our 1700 Franchisees come to our aid and get the job done!!! At SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East we are here to help!!!!


8/13/2020 (Permalink)

What to do this summer?

Every family typically takes some summertime vacation to the beach or anyplace out of town, but as this year continues to get more complicated, the options of those luxuries unfortunately become less and less.

This year Rob and Leslie decided to do the nature route and go to Flagstaff and have a look around. They stayed in a quaint B&B just a few blocks north of Downtown Flagstaff.  While many activities were closed and restaurants had seating at 50% they had to be a little more open to trying new things.  They went hiking along the Buffalo Trail and then ventured to Walnut Canyon where an ancient Native American Civilization from 1200 A.D. lived.  The hike was exhilarating! The views were outstanding! An easy 3.5 hours of road trip and full day of hiking and wandering really made their day.

This pandemic can hold you hostage or it can open your mind to try and enjoy new things.  Make it a point to make the most of this time and venture off and see the beauty of Northern Arizona and Southern Arizona.  There are so many creative things we can do to get out and about while staying safe! It is a matter of perspective. Do you want to just live life or enjoy the one life you have? Choose life and experience something different and new every day.

We at SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East wish you a safe rest of the summer!!!

We are a Preferred Vendor!

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

What does it mean to be a preferred vendor and how does it benefit you as a homeowner?

Many people are not aware that SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East are preferred vendors with many insurances including Farmers, State Farm, The Hartford, and much more. What this means is that when you file a claim with your insurance, they go over a list of vendors that have provided quality work and as well as having met the insurance requirements throughout the whole claim.

As preferred vendors, we are given insurance guidelines on how to handle the claim from the initial call to collecting final paperwork when the job is complete. We are graded on timely manner, estimate guidelines, and the communication between the homeowner and insurance.

Some of the requirements to be approved as a preferred vendor include employee background checks, proper employee training in workmanship and safety guidelines, warehouse, and equipment maintenance. SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East have met all these requirements and ensure to provide you as the homeowner with the upmost customer service.

Homeowners can still choose their own contractors if they decide to, but when they choose a company from the preferred vendor list provided from their insurance, there is an expectation to perform with good quality and customer services.

We service Water Damage, Fire Damage, Tarps, Mold Remediation, and much more! With questions, please give us a call! 520-760-9352

Monsoon Season calls for tarps!

7/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East do Roof Tarps!!!!

You can always tell what time of year it is in the old Pueblo!!!  Skies are gray, Roofs are turning white to blue and the Cicadas are singing a rain song!!! It's Monsoon season 2020!!!!  As the Desert and Our Desert wildlife rejoice in the rain we hunker down and wait the storms out and assess the damage by Mother Nature.  Many folks awake missing roofs and need to have an emergency tarp.  We at SERVPRO are Here to Help with tarping services as well as roof repair.  Yes!!! You heard it correct, we also do roof replacement!!!  We have an unlimited supply of roof tarp material and premade sandbags to get a temporary roof installed and mitigate the damages inside.   This year has added a new wrinkle and that is the effects of covid-19.  Please be aware that we take all the necessary precautions with our workers by having access to PPE in the event we are working inside your house.  From Roof Tarps to Roof Replacements! SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley is Here To Help!