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Do Your Part!

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

Do Your Part

We see new updates on the media regarding the safety of everyone during this COVID-19 crisis. “Wear a mask!”, “Stay 6ft apart!”, “Masks don’t work”, “Stay home safe lives” … but who can we believe? Yes, it impinges on our freedom and yes, it is inconvenient but at this point in life, you can never be too careful. With the number of new cases rising and Arizona issuing the new shutdown order, we must do our part and be responsible.  Our position and SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East is to wear masks during public interaction as it was mandated by our local ordinance. Rest assured that during this COVID-19 crisis, we will maintain the appropriate level of personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect our employees and our customers. You cannot mistake us! All our masks say, “Here to help”! As we do our part to ensure the safety of ourselves and everyone around us, please do your part and remember that we are in this together!

Happy Fourth of July

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Like every other holiday this year, 4th of July will be different from past years. The things that we are used to like parades, festivals, and all public gatherings are not happening due to the re-closing of businesses and events with more than 50 people are prohibited. But none-the-less, we need to continue to keep our spirits up! There are so many other ways to celebrate during social distancing and keeping safe!

  1. Prepare a barbecue in the backyard for your friends and family! No one has to miss out on hot dogs, burgers, chicken and more! Still get to enjoy all the delicious food that is prepared and the company that comes with! For safety CDC advises that you and your guests wash your hands before and after eating. Encouraging the use of hand sanitizer frequently and everyone to wear masks.
  2. Watch the Fireworks!... From a distance. Just because there is not gathering of people to watch the fireworks together doesn’t mean you can’t drive and watch from your car. This is a good way to leave your home for a few and still get a chance to view the night sky get lit with explosions of colors.
  3. Host a movie night! If your side of town is not throwing fireworks, then another great way to end the night is with a movie! Pick a good handful of movies to select from and have your guest vote. Most popular movies to watch on 4th of July are The Patriot, Top Gun, The Sandlot, and a few more based on preference.

There are LOTS more ways to enjoy this 4th of July. Talk to some family and friends and get creative! SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley/Marana east wishes you a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!

Tucson's Tough Times

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Tucson's Tough Times

Midway into the year and 2020 continues to surprise us in various ways. From the COVID-19 spread to our recent Bighorn fire currently happening in north of Tucson. We do send out prayers to everyone going through these difficult times…


SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East work hard every day to ensure that you stress less while dealing with your residential and/or commercial property damages. Once we receive your claim, we contact you within an hour to schedule a site inspection at your earliest availability. Our highly trained technicians will assess the problem and provide you with a rundown of the work that needs to be done. Once the office receives your information, we communicate with you and your insurance adjuster to provide them with the latest updates. Communication is a priority when dealing with restoration work. We know that it is always uncomfortable when an unfortunate event happens to the place we live or work in so trust SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East when we say “We are here to help!”

Our services range from COVID-19 Disinfecting and Sanitation, Fire Damage, Bio-Hazards, to our most common Water and Mold remediation.

Please contact our offices at 520-760-9352 with any questions.

Tucson experiences wildfires caused by lightning!

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Wildfire picture taken at night Tucson Wildfire on Pusch Ridge

Wildfire in Tortilita Mountains and Pusch Ridge!!!!

Scary time for Residents of Oro Valley with two active Wildfires started by Lightning in Friday Nights Storm! Being a disaster restoration company, SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East have witnessed the devastation and emotional impact upon the lives of those affected. Here are some tips that might help should you or your home become impacted:
1.) Heed all evacuation orders
2.) Clear all brush in a 100 foot perimeter around home
3.) Have a defined route of escape and make sure all persons are accounted for and know of a rally point to meet if separated.
4.) Do not forget about your pets and livestock.
5.) Have clothing assembled in a bag include any medicines and personal hygiene products.
6.) Plan to take all family pictures, jewelry, and small keepsakes
7.) Take your computer hardware and any personal documents
8.) Make a video inventory of all items in house and focus on serial numbers of high dollar items
9.) Keep all windows closed and locked
10.) Plan on emptying your refrigerator and take food supplies with you should power go out

Wildfires are very unpredictable but having a plan will lead to peace of mind. Let us pray that our first responders can get these fires under control. Should you need our service for smoke clean-up, SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East have the necessary experience in cleaning the retardant off your home, cleaning the HVAC system as well as smoke damage within your home.
SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East is here should you need us!!!! 520-760-9352

Welcome back Monsoons!

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

It is our favorite time of year again! Monsoon season!

For the next 4 months, Tucson and other cities in Arizona will be experiencing the lovely madness of mother nature. Our city prepares for the heavy rains, lightning, hail, flash floods and of course, our extreme heat. Yes, our desert does have flood warnings. Though these summers can be refreshing and beautiful to watch, it may cause some serious damage to our homes. From extracting two inches of water that entered the house to roofs flying off houses. Fret not, SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East is here to help with all your water damages! We provide 24/7 emergency services so we can ensure the damages are taken care of as soon as possible. With our 1-4-8 policy, we contact you within the hour, schedule to be at your residence within 4 hours and provide a verbal briefing of the scope of damage within 8. Now you may rest to sure that in case of any emergency, we are ready to help!

If you have water damage at your home or commercial property, call us at 520-760-9352

Open up Tucson and be SERVPRO: Certified Clean!!!

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

May 16, 2020 might be known and celebrated as our Second Independence Day.  What an exciting time to celebrate our break from lock downs and social distancing. Though everyone is ready to finally run out the door, there is still a fear of not being safe from this virus. Business owners will want to ensure that their place of business, their employees and most importantly their customers are safe, and all cleaning measures have been taken. How do you demonstrate to your friends, family and customers that you are taking the maximum precautions?  You have your business sanitized by SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson! With our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Seal, not only will it give you the comfort of a professional cleaning for your employees and customers, it will feel safe with our certified clean seal placed upon your door!!!

Call for your monthly service today and have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend or in our case Independence Day!!!!

Cigars and Stogies!!!!!!

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

Recently SERVPRO of Oro Valley Marana East was called out to a house in Marana where the previous homeowner had smoked cigars for 30 years. His daughter told me, that for years they tried to get him to smoke outside, but after her mom passed away, they just gave up.  The daughter tried to save some money and figured that they could do the remediation themselves.  Armed with YouTube, buckets and wash cloths, they scrubbed, and they scrubbed, until the texture came off the walls. Finally reaching the sheet rock they then decided to paint the place white.  A few realtors brought clients by but offers were well below expectation due to the lingering smoke smell and a yellow under-tone pulling through the white paint.

Cigars and tobacco odors are the toughest odors to remediate!!!  Still not wanting to acknowledge defeat, they hired another contractor who told them they have a magical elixir that would solve the problem. Well the next offer from the realtor was lower than the previous offer and they relented and called us to properly remediate the odor.  The moral of the story is simple. You can hire a Pro! or Hire a Joe!  We quickly took charge of the situation deodorizing the house properly with ozone machines and application of SERVPRO's Smoke Deodorizer. Last we cleaned the coil of the HVAC Unit and sealed the ductwork.  In smoke remediations the most crucial piece always forgotten by the Joe is the HVAC system.  Since they do not have the technical know-how it is often skipped.  Promises of Magical elixirs will never out perform Knowledge by a SERVPRO Pro!!!           

Should you have any questions or would like a quote for smoke/odor damage to your business or home, please call our offices at 520-760-9352 to discuss!

Moss Mold Mildew and Myths

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

Moss Mold Mildew & Myths

Moss, Mold and Mildew are thought to be all related and in the mold family!  Fact: Not True!

We receive many calls from homeowners with questions and some are surprised with the facts about the differences and how to treat them. We hope that the following information may help to clarify.

Moss is a plant that converts sunlight and dissolved soil minerals into the energy it needs to grow and reproduce.

Myth: Moss grows only on north side of trees! Fact: Sometimes True!

Well this is partially true if you are in the Northern hemisphere but if you are in the Southern Hemisphere it grows mostly on the south side of trees.  If you are lost in the woods and are using moss to navigate you will get to where you are going only 50% of the time as this old rule of thumb only works 50% of the time.  Best to use a compass!!!

Mold is a fungus!  Fact: True!

Molds are eukaryotic micro-organisms that are decomposers of dead organic material such as leaves, wood and plants.  Today’s air-tight housing has caused a surge in mold related illnesses.  If you experience a water damage leak and it goes undetected, Mold will have the right conditions for growth. 

Myth:  Bleach will kill mold!  Fact: Not True!  Bleach is not a recognized EPA Sanitizer that can kill Mold! 

Is mildew mold? Fact: True!

Mildew is a form of mold (surface mold) and if left untreated could become a contaminant.  Mildew typically happens in bathroom showers!  Again, our new air-tight housing causes areas such as bathrooms to stay wet longer leading to mildew growth!  Fear not, Mildew is considered a surface mold and can be treated with applications of household cleaners!  In addition. It is recommended to always use the bathroom exhaust fan when showering or bathing to exhaust the humidity out of the area. 

Myth:  Mildew can be killed with bleach!  Fact: Might be True!  Bleach might work, but you should use a household cleaner that states for specific use for mildew! If it the household cleaner contains Microban, it can be used to clean mildew! If Mildew is consistently present, It might be an indication that you have a bigger issue!

With questions pertaining to mold and mildew concerns in your home, Please call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East to have an assessment of your home today!

The Forgotten Year

5/12/2020 (Permalink)

2020 will forever be known as the forgotten year! It is a huge disappointment for the graduates but also for the mothers and fathers of these graduates!!! As a parent it is time to boast to the world, ”Hey look at what my child has achieved!” Instead, there will be no party, no flip of the tassel, no goofy parent picture to be embarrassed by, and of course, no Facebook Update! Our memory will be a zoom graduation, a drive-thru graduation and a diploma sent in the mail. Let us all pray, that the educators decide not to make this the “New Normal”! As a parent we have sacrificed! We saved money to send our kids to college! We made sure their college experience was as good as ours! We paid for tutors, sports, spring breaks, fraternities and sororities and any other extracurricular activities they wanted to participate in! Their graduation is our graduation as well! We at SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson & Marana East salute you Moms and Dads for the sacrifices you have made!!! Congratulations to the Moms and Dads and of course the Graduates of 2020!!!

To The Graduating Class of 2020!!

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Congratulations Class of 2020!

Class of 2020, Congratulations on your achievements. Whether you are promoting from 8th grade to high school, graduating high school, or even college, we at SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley / Marana East wish to recognize you on your accomplishments. Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus many will not be able to get recognized with all the pomp and circumstance associated with this milestone. When graduating or promoting, there is a commencement speaker that offers words of wisdom. In 2020, you will not have the chance to hear it. Let this be a substitute!

In 2014 Navy Seal Admiral McRaven gave an inspirational speech to his alma mater, The University of Texas, Longhorns. This us a synopsis of his speech! If you wish to hear his words you can click link below !! Enjoy and Congratulations!!

If you want to change the world!

1. Start by making your bed!

If you can't do the little things right, you will never do the big things right.

2. Find someone to help you paddle!

You can't change the world alone - you will need some help. 

3. Measure a person by the size of their hearts not the size of their flippers!

Nothing else matters but your will to succeed. Not your color, ethnic background, not you education or social status.

4. Get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward!

Sometimes your efforts are in vain. Sometimes you do not succeed. Sometimes you are not perfect. So keep trying!

5. Do not be afraid of the circus!

Life is filled with circuses! You will fail often. It will be painful and discouraging. This will test your very core. 

6. Sometimes you must slide down the obstacle head-first!

If it's going to be, it's up to me!

7. Do not back down from sharks!

There are a lot of sharks in the world! You will have to deal with them!

8. You must be your very best in the darkest moments!

At the darkest moments in life, you need to be calm, composed, and all your physical strength and inner strength be brought to bear!

9. Start singing when you are up to your neck in the mud!

The power of hope is contagious! One person can change the world by giving the power of hope.

10. Do not Ever, Ever, Ever Ring the Bell!

If you quit and ring the bell you wont experience the hardships, but also, you won't change the world!

Start each day with a task completed. Find someone to help you through life. Respect everyone. Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often but if you take some risks, step up when times are toughest, face down the bullies, lift up the downtrodden and never ever give up, you can change the world!

"Changing the world can happen anywhere and anyone can do it!"

Click here to watch the University of Texas  Commencement by Admiral William H. McRaven