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Monsoon Season calls for tarps!

7/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East do Roof Tarps!!!!

You can always tell what time of year it is in the old Pueblo!!!  Skies are gray, Roofs are turning white to blue and the Cicadas are singing a rain song!!! It's Monsoon season 2020!!!!  As the Desert and Our Desert wildlife rejoice in the rain we hunker down and wait the storms out and assess the damage by Mother Nature.  Many folks awake missing roofs and need to have an emergency tarp.  We at SERVPRO are Here to Help with tarping services as well as roof repair.  Yes!!! You heard it correct, we also do roof replacement!!!  We have an unlimited supply of roof tarp material and premade sandbags to get a temporary roof installed and mitigate the damages inside.   This year has added a new wrinkle and that is the effects of covid-19.  Please be aware that we take all the necessary precautions with our workers by having access to PPE in the event we are working inside your house.  From Roof Tarps to Roof Replacements! SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley is Here To Help!

Tucson experiences wildfires caused by lightning!

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Wildfire picture taken at night Tucson Wildfire on Pusch Ridge

Wildfire in Tortilita Mountains and Pusch Ridge!!!!

Scary time for Residents of Oro Valley with two active Wildfires started by Lightning in Friday Nights Storm! Being a disaster restoration company, SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East have witnessed the devastation and emotional impact upon the lives of those affected. Here are some tips that might help should you or your home become impacted:
1.) Heed all evacuation orders
2.) Clear all brush in a 100 foot perimeter around home
3.) Have a defined route of escape and make sure all persons are accounted for and know of a rally point to meet if separated.
4.) Do not forget about your pets and livestock.
5.) Have clothing assembled in a bag include any medicines and personal hygiene products.
6.) Plan to take all family pictures, jewelry, and small keepsakes
7.) Take your computer hardware and any personal documents
8.) Make a video inventory of all items in house and focus on serial numbers of high dollar items
9.) Keep all windows closed and locked
10.) Plan on emptying your refrigerator and take food supplies with you should power go out

Wildfires are very unpredictable but having a plan will lead to peace of mind. Let us pray that our first responders can get these fires under control. Should you need our service for smoke clean-up, SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East have the necessary experience in cleaning the retardant off your home, cleaning the HVAC system as well as smoke damage within your home.
SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson and Oro Valley Marana East is here should you need us!!!! 520-760-9352

We Are The Experts You Can Trust In Tuscon After A Flood

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

one of our technicians cleaning the carpet with one of our handheld machines This property suffered significant damage, and our team arrived quickly. Our team used our specialized equipment to restore this property right away.

Flood Damage Can Happen at Any Time in Tucson – Be Prepared!

Flood and storm damage can leave your property devastated, and you are feeling overwhelmed. Instead of taking on the task of trying to clean the mess up yourself, calling trained professionals is the best course of action. Our SERVPRO technicians get there quickly to ensure that the drying and that clean-up happens swiftly to head off the potential for further damage.

The onset of flood damage in Tucson on any level brings about a significant amount of potential contamination to your home. Calling our skilled technicians for the clean-up and restoration helps to ensure your property is back to normal and that everything is “Like it never even happened.”

Once you call us, we come to your residence in a timely fashion. Our IICRC-certified teams work with insurance adjusters and property owners to properly clean your home with the latest technology and proven methods. We focus on preservation and make sure that everything is safe so that we can get to work on restoring your home to the preloss condition.


Water extraction is a crucial step when removing water from your flood-damaged home. The more water SERVPRO technicians remove with our high-powered equipment, the faster the drying time. We arrive with truck-mounted and portable water extraction units to amplify the drying process. If there is residual water left on the surface of carpeting in your home, we can use light wand extractors to facilitate removal.


Air movers help to enhance water evaporation while also reducing dry times. SERVPRO technicians strategically place air movers along with industrial fans and dehumidifiers throughout your home to keep the air moving while also pulling residual moisture from the atmosphere and pushing it outside. If moisture is found lurking within the wall cavities, we employ the use of structural cavity drying equipment to help increase evaporation rates.

Whenever you need help to address flood damage, you can count on our skilled team at SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (520) 760-9352 and we can send a team out to your location as soon as possible to start an assessment.

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Hazards Your Tucson Home Faces After Flood Damage

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water covering tile floor inside home.  Flood water contains contaminants. SERVPRO has the ability to dry and disinfect your home. Call us today!

Post Flooding Threats Your Tucson Home Might Face 

Many Tucson homeowners believe that the bulk of the issues that their home faces during an emergency happens when exposure initially occurs. Instances like flooding can continually affect your home long after the disaster, and without the appropriate professional intervention, can reach a point where contamination and degradation are too severe to overcome with our initial recovery efforts. Understanding the ongoing threats that your property faces can help homeowners to appreciate the expertise and experience of our professionals during this crisis. 

Flood damage to Tucson homes can come in a variety of severities, and many of even the most threatened of these properties reached this point without pursuing adequate extraction and cleaning for the house. Regardless if you have insurance coverage that helps with flooding and the restoration of this disaster, professional recovery teams like our SERVPRO water restoration crew can help to keep the costs to a minimum but still offer effective extraction and drying for compromised structural elements. 

Some homeowners have insurance coverage for flooding or storm damage, but this is a situation that you must discuss directly with your provider. An agent can take you through the process so that you are aware of what can get covered by your plan and the role of professional restorers in helping to meet the standards of this insurance provider. 

Contamination is also a threat that many homes and houses might have to contend with, especially in the monsoon season, when flooding can occur from the rise of water bodies surrounding a home in the area. We have a full-service division of licensed contractors that can help with cutting and removing trees, emergency construction solutions, and complete build back once mitigation completes. 

As much as standing water and potential contamination might seem overwhelming and hazardous, our SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson team can help. You can count on our fast response with skilled personnel that can help to reduce these pressing threats and get your home back to preloss conditions as promptly as possible. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we show you if you give us a call at (520) 760-9352. 

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Our Certified Professionals Have A Rapid Response Time In Tucson

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

two of our drying equipment in a room drying the carpet Our team has the state-of-the-art equipment and experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Elevated Flood Risks During Tucson’s Monsoon Season

The summertime is an ideal portion of the year to experience the worst weather that Arizona has to offer, and many Tucson homes and businesses suffer the consequences of these hazardous conditions. Of the average twelve inches of rain expected annually around this region, much of this occurs during the monsoon season stretching from June through September.

Monsoon season brings about a higher humidity, which can open the door for thunderstorms, torrential rains, dust storms, and even flash flood damage to Tucson properties. As much as many residents work to safeguard their properties as much as possible from this potentially dangerous situation, others still get caught by surprise when their property becomes flooded. Because of the increased risks of situations like flash flooding, it is imperative to have a plan in place to recover your house and keep your family safe.

Develop a Plan 

You should always have the best interest of your family in mind when emergencies occur. Even if you do not readily prepare for the possibility of flooding, a conversation about what you expect your family to do and where you intend to meet up can work to protect them in this crisis.

Call the Professionals 

Our SERVPRO professionals have a rapid response and remain prepared throughout monsoon season to mobilize and help any residence or business affected by extreme weather conditions. We have premier equipment and products that can help us to overcome standing water, such as our wet-vac wands and ROVER weighted extractors. Our licensed in-house contractors can also help with areas of emergency construction and full-scale reconstruction when necessary.

Keep Your Distance 

It can be tempting to rush back into a flood damage house to begin collecting the treasured belongings you left behind. With the likelihood of damaged utilities, this could be a fatal mistake under the right circumstances. Only re-enter a home when certified professionals like our SERVPRO team or any first responders deem it safe to do so.

You cannot prepare for the destructive storms and weather events that can develop during the monsoon season, as many have the power and unpredictability to cause flash flooding or structural damages that lead to flooding as well. No matter how this damage develops, our SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson water restoration specialists can help. Give us a call anytime at (520) 760-9352.

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We Act Fast To Limit More Damage To Your Tuscon Home After A Flood

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

A technician using a cleaning device on the floor after a flood Our team used our specialized equipment to restore this property to pre-damage condition. We are available 24/7 so call us right away.

What to Expect During Home Flood Damage Cleanup in Tucson

While Arizona has a reputation for being a dry, desert state, it also has heavy Monsoon-like rains, particularly in the late summer and early fall. When large amounts of rain descend upon the hardened ground, there is little absorption, and flash floods bring flood damage to properties in their path. 

Handling flood damage in a Tucson home requires fast action. SERVPRO technicians work quickly to determine the scope of the water loss in the house and try to identify contents with restoration potential. 

Relocation is Best During Mitigation

Because of the potential contaminants present in groundwater, SERVPRO frequently advises homeowners to relocate during mitigation to avoid exposure to the water and also to limit the potential for cross-contamination to unaffected areas of the home. 

Thorough Documentation of Each Item Handled

A common frustration among homeowners during flood damage mitigation is the feeling of a lack of control. Although SERVPRO technicians examine and make recommendations as to the restorability of building materials and contents, they discard nothing without the approval of either the homeowner or adjuster. A detailed record that includes descriptions as well as before and after photos of each item assists with transparency during cleanup efforts as well as expediting the insurance claims process. 

Safety During Mitigation

To limit the possibility of cross-contamination during cleanup of the home, containment around the work area and vents to inhibit the spread of aerosolized contaminants. Between the work area and the rest of the property, a decontamination chamber is often set up to allow for a space to clean off equipment and change into or out of protective gear to avoid the spread of any substances resident in the water.

Protection of Home Contents

Each worksite has individual qualities. In some cases, due to high humidity indoors that has the potential for damage, a pack out of the home contents to another area of the home away from the work area or in SERVPRO's secure storage during restoration services. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson at (520) 760-9352 is prepared 24/7 to assist homeowners with flood damage in their homes. The technicians are extensively trained and have both the experience and equipment to make the water loss in your home "Like it never even happened."

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We Have The Proper Techniques To Restore Your Tuscon Home

7/20/2019 (Permalink)

Our team uses our specialized equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Differences Between DIY and Professional Flood Damage Cleanup in Tucson

Did you know unexpected flash flood damage is more likely to happen in areas with less annual rainfall? The reason is when the ground becomes very dry, and it hardens; it has less capacity to absorb rainwater. This surface condition causes rain to run over rather than into the soil. In heavy rainstorms or microbursts, this can quickly turn into a flash flood situation.

When flood damage occurs in Tucson homes, some property owners choose to clean up the water and damage themselves. When it is only a little rainwater, and there are no indications the water has migrated more in-depth into the flooring or walls, in most cases the cleanup efforts are adequate.

The seriousness of a groundwater flood within the property requires professional assistance for cleanup due to the possibility of contaminants, and until tested, humans and pets should not come into contact with it.

Other differences between DIY cleanup and professional restoration services include:

DIY uses mops and household wet/dry vacs to remove water. SERVPRO technicians have specialized equipment to perform thorough water extraction from every part of your home.

DIY uses household fans to dry water-affected areas; this action only addresses moisture at the surface. Our certified Applied Structural Drying Technicians use industrial air movers that are so powerful, the high-velocity airflow causes embedded moisture to rise, where it is ported away by our dehumidification equipment.

There is no way to know if water migrated behind walls or in ceilings and floors without scoping it with moisture detection equipment. If left, excessive moisture can create mold issues or foul odors in the home leading to potentially costly remediation.

Post drying, it is vital to disinfect all water-affected surfaces with antimicrobial cleaners to ensure the residence returns to sanitary conditions for habitation.

SERVPRO technicians are committed to assisting homeowners in saving as much of the structure and possessions as possible from flood damage. We perform controlled demolitions as needed to cut away damaged sheetrock and get the room ready for restorative efforts.

After the completion of restoration services, we give the homeowner a comprehensive report including before and after photos to expedite the insurance claims process.

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson stands ready at (520) 760-9352 to help local property owners with flood damage in their homes. We are available 24/7 and arrive soon after your initial call because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Why Professional Water Restoration is Necessary for Flooding in Tucson

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Are you ready for the summer storm season? SERVPRO is always on call to handle any storm damage that comes your way.

Flood Damage Experts In Tucson Describe The Role Of Water Restoration Technicians

In the summertime, it is possible for thunderstorms to hit the Tucson region. When a storm makes its way into your neighborhood, many conditions present can cause your property to suffer from flood damage. High-speed winds can cause objects like rocks or tree branches to become airborne and fly into the exterior of your structure. When things like rocks or branches strike weak spots of your walls or your windows, the instance can create a hole in the outside of your house. Whenever the exterior of your home gets breached, it is possible that moisture can make its way into your building and cause you extensive flood damage.  

Once rainwater makes its way into the interior of your structure, it is prudent to contact a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. Our water restoration technicians or WRTs have experience in dealing with flood damage inside your Tucson home. Whenever items get wet inside your home, anything that comes in direct contact with water is susceptible to primary problems. When things inside your house stay wet, the moisture can start to soak into your building materials and contents. Water then evaporates and fills the air in the form of vapor.  

This vapor can then cause other issues that are considered secondary problems. The main goal when mitigating flood related issues is to prevent secondary damage from taking place. We train and certify our WRTs by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification or IICRC. During this certification program, the WRTs learn how to use industrially advanced equipment to remove moisture from your home as quickly as possible.  

The WRTs also know the best methods on how to return your home to its preloss conditions “Like it never even happened.” Before any work begins, our WRTs take moisture readings of your building materials and contents. We first test the affected areas and then compare the readings with areas in parts of your home that did not get affected. We do this to determine a final drying goal, so we know when our applied structural drying or ASD process is complete.  

If you ever have moisture get into your house during a storm, call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson at (520) 760-9352 any hour of the day.

Tucson gets an average of 350 sunny per year. Read more here.

Why Professionals are Needed for Water Damage Restoration in Tucson

3/14/2019 (Permalink)

Damaged roofs from storms are common ways of creating water damage in your home. You can trust the SERVPRO Brand for water damage restoration.

Important Milestones Professional Flood Removal in Tucson Helps You Attain

After a flood, you need to take several steps to restore your property to the preloss state. If you are lucky, the damage may only be restricted to the outdoors. However, in most flooding incidents the water gains access to the interior sections of your home through the walls or roof. Removal in such cases involves many steps, so it is a good idea to work with a professional restoration service.  

Many dangers are lurking in a house immediately after the flooding, so proper flooding removal in Tucson should address them. Common dangers include electrical hazards because the water might reach electrical outlets in the house. Health risks are also present since floodwater has many contaminants including biohazards like raw sewage or dead animals. Our SERVPRO technicians help assess and tackle any dangers. We equip our technicians with PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, including rubber gloves, boots, and full body suits. These allow us to wade into the water without any health risks. We also spray EPA-registered disinfectants into the water to control microbes.  

Flooding leaves lots of water inside the property including hard-to-reach areas such as wall cavities and crawlspaces. Removing multiple gallons of dirty water is not an easy task especially if you do not have people to help you or advanced equipment. Our SERVPRO crew provides both a team of technicians and state of the art water extraction equipment. We have truck-mounted water extractors that can remove thousands of gallons within a few hours. We also have submersible pumps, which work well when the water level is higher than two inches.  

Flooding incidents leave properties dirty due to the silt, mud and other soils that they dump inside the property. Removing and disposing of such soils is not easy considering some forms like silt are considered hazardous. Our SERVPRO technicians undergo training enabling them to clean property after a flood "Like it never even happened." We use different cleaning approaches including physical ones such as the use of pressure washers. We also use professional cleaning agents to sanitize the property chemically.  

For thorough cleanup of your property after a flood, call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson at (520) 760-9352. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Affected by Recent Flooding? Prevent Secondary Damages in Tucson with Team SERVPRO

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

When flooding affects our area, the devastation can be overwhelming. Call SERVPRO right away to dry out your flooded property.

Flood Damage Restoration for Your Tucson Home

When weather conditions in Tucson turn south, they can take a significant toll on your property as a homeowner. Severe thunderstorms, powerful winds, and flooding can all lead to severe damage to your home. Although we cannot control the weather when storms and flooding occur, there are ways to safely and quickly mitigate a property. However, do not delay. Doing so only leads to further damage to the structure of your home and any contents inside that were affected.
When you are in need of flood damage restoration in Tucson, do not hesitate to contact our staff at SERVPRO right away. The sooner we know about the damage, the faster we can get to you and restore your home to the way it was before the water intrusion.
One thing we need to inspect for moisture is the insulation in your home. Moisture lessens the effectiveness of the insulation. To see if the water penetrated your walls, we use moisture meters. If we find that flood waters have done so, SERVPRO techs may need to remove the insulation, especially if it has become matted. Fiberglass insulation might not lose its insulating power for good, unlike other kinds. We might, on the other hand, be able to dry it back out.
Rockwool and cellulose insulation usually get matted when moisture hits them. Moisture also affects the antimicrobial qualities and the fire resistance of cellulosic material. Rockwool also has metal in it, that can rust when it becomes wet. We may have to replace these kinds of insulation.
We cannot always restore fiberglass insulation because drying is slowed because of the vapor barriers on it. If your walls or ceiling cavities are fully enclosed, drying the insulation can prove difficult. Our biggest concern here is preventing the growth of mildew and mold.
Ventilation is needed to dry out your wall cavities. One way we do this is to remove baseboards and drill holes in between the studs. We then force air through the holes into the cavities to make evaporation faster. If we find much moisture, some areas of the drywall might have to be taken out.
SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson ensures that we find any moisture that could be hidden in your home in Italian Spring, Ventana Canyon, or Willow Canyon after flooding has occurred. Once the storm has subsided, reach out to as any time of the day at (520) 760-9352 so we can help you remove the water and moisture from your structure.

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Did you Know That the Correct Equipment can Help Detect Pockets of Water in Your Tucson Home?

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

Regardless of whether the flooding was from an external or internal source, team SERVPRO can effectively remediate the damage.

What To Do If Your Tucson House Is Flooded

Flood damage often comes from weather-related issues such as a hurricane, heavy rain, storm, or anything unexpected. The worst part about the flood is that the water often contains a lot of microorganisms, dirt, toxins, chemicals, and other unpleasant contaminants. If you have just gone through a flood and wondering what to do, then lucky for you, we have some excellent strategies that you can take.
Flood damage in the Tucson location can be quite nerve-wracking, but fortunately, there are things that you can do. The first step is to call your insurance company to see if you have flood coverage and then call SERVPRO. Let us do the heavy lifting and the potentially dangerous tasks. There could be hidden debris, broken glass, or furniture that can puncture the skin or worse. Carpets contaminated by groundwater flooding must be thrown out. Since it could be heavy and difficult to discard these items, let the experts help you. Plus, It is best to avoid any electrical outlets or appliances to prevent electrocution.
The SERVPRO flood restoration experts can come in to assist you. They have an organized and efficient move-out service to protect your belongings from further destruction. These highly trained technicians can promptly begin the water removal process. They can utilize a powerful pump and vacuum to remove excess water and to reduce the drying time. These reliable techs can also inspect your carpet pad to determine if it needs to be removed or not. Most likely, they are going to remove your carpet from the flood damage. They have other state-of-the-art technology such as an infrared camera to locate hidden water behind walls and ceiling. They also use a moisture detector and hygrometer to determine the moisture content. With all this technology and expertise, you know that you are in great hands.
If you are ready to restore you’re home after flood damage, then give SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson a call at (520) 760-9352. We can promptly send our reliable technician to your residential establishment.

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Three reasons to Choose SERVPRO to Restore Your Flood Damaged Tucson Home

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Flash floods cause a lot of damage. SERVPRO is on call 24/7 to restore your home.

SERVPRO's Formula for Success Dealing with Tucson Flood Damage

The most effective way to control costs in your home in Tucson when flood damage hits is to get a professional mitigation company like SERVPRO on the scene in as little time as possible. By getting a team of technicians on the ground within hours of the disaster, we can stop many of the most severe effects of flooding from happening in the first place. Our refined response process over decades of hard work and critical analysis of our techniques, and today, we bring the most powerful mitigation services in the industry to homeowners right here in Tucson.

Fast 24/7 Responses

One of the most important keys to our success in dealing with flood damage in Tucson is our ability to get on the site and stop damage from happening within only a couple hours of your first phone call. When you call us, a countdown of four hours starts ticking for our technicians to be on the site, and they usually arrive faster. Our large-scale operations and national network of SERVPRO franchises allows us to respond at any time, in any weather, and to any size disaster that might hit the area.

Experienced Crews

Every crew we send out carries years of experience shared between its members. We train and accommodate our technicians for the long-term, allowing them to develop their skill sets and expertise in the field and with the help of veteran co-workers. If you ever have any questions about the work they do, our technicians are more than happy to answer.

Industrial Equipment

Cleaning up after a flood requires drying, sanitizing, and cleaning equipment that is hard to come by in most hardware stores. The tools we use to remove water from your home, like our air movers that create strong currents of air throughout the home, are designed to be used for industrial-scale drying operations. These combined with the expert handling of our personnel contribute to our record of some of the fastest and most thorough water removal in the country.

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson can help with any flood damage that hits your home, whether it's night or day, rain or shine. Call us as soon as possible after a disaster at (520) 760-9352.

Tucson considers dark skies a natural resource and  has some of the best stargazing in the country.  Click here for more information.

The Real Truth About Flooding in Your Tucson Home

9/23/2018 (Permalink)

If an overflow of some sort, internal or external, has flooded your home, contact SERVPRO for effective water cleanup and remediation.

How to Deal Effectively with Flood Damage in Tucson

Floods deal both physical, and psychological damages. If suddenly you do not know what to do after seeing water rising in your Tucson property, know you are not the only one. Unless adequately prepared, other people caught in similar situations also suffer the same fate. Having the emergency contacts of a professional restorer is vital because once you call them, you can receive useful advice on what to do next.
Apart from the structure, flood damage in Tucson also affects contents of a house, but can also extend to the occupants if care is not exercised. The water contains several contaminants collected from sewage lines and other waste removal channels. It is therefore essential to wear the right protective gear when wading through such water. Our SERVPRO technicians usually have rubber gloves, protective body suits and boots allowing them to wade through any water depths without exposing themselves to unnecessary dangers.
Flood waters transfer contaminants to porous materials in the affected areas. Cleaning and disinfecting the materials cannot eliminate all the contaminants. Removal is the only guaranteed way to deal with the contamination. Our SERVPRO technicians remove the carpet and pad as well as any other affected items such as upholstered furniture. We also pressure wash structural components and use an EPA-registered disinfectant to deal with contaminants.
After a case of flooding, much debris might be left in the affected area. These might include damaged components from your house, mud, silt, and even sewage waste. To comply with city regulation, all these require proper disposal. Our SERVPRO team helps remove all the waste from your property for proper disposal.
Any flooded property requires proper drying as part of the restoration process. If excess moisture remains in the affected areas, you might end up dealing with microbial growth. Parts of the structure might also rot. After extracting all the standing water, the process should end with the removal of excess moisture. Our SERVPRO technicians dry your property to preloss levels using different equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers and drying mats among others.
In cases of flooding call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson at (520) 760-9352. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How Professional Restoration Works for Flood Damage in Your Tucson Home

8/19/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding from a broken pipe or other type of emergency can leave your home under water. Contact SERVPRO to come out and mitigate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Dries Out Your Property After Flooding Regardless of the Source of the Water

Overcoming any level of water loss in your Tucson home can be too great a challenge for a homeowner to take on by themselves. Professional restoration services can help, even when the worst of the damage is still occurring via penetration points in your home. Working quickly to resolve these issues and mitigate the loss you experience should be at the top of your list, so make sure that you reach out quickly to secure the certified and reputable professional experience you require.  
As much as you might not want to have to consider it, flood damages throughout the Tucson area are seemingly more common than ever. Apart from the natural ways that flooding can occur to your home, implements like standpipes and water mains also offer unnatural means of flooding your home and those throughout the community in a matter of a few minutes. As with any high volume of water, the potential for catastrophic damage to your home and its contents is extreme, so do not hesitate to reach out to the qualified technicians we employ at SERVPRO.  
While inspections are always an initial step for our team of professionals to get a better idea of the nature of the damage that you face, we also strive to do what has to occur to keep the situation from getting any worse than it is when we first arrive. Mitigation is a word that you might hear, and it is a term used in the industry to signify stopping the spread of damage from getting worse.  
Our SERVPRO professionals offer state of the art equipment and expertise from unique training to tackle any concern or effect from the flooding your home has experienced. From extraction via pump trucks in our Green Fleet to advanced drying techniques to preserve structural elements of your home, you are in good hands.  
As a homeowner, it is always wise to have a plan in place for how to contend with emergencies that threaten your residence. In the event of a widespread emergency affecting multiple homes, time is of the essence to secure the right assistance to ensure work occurs expediently on your property. Give our SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson restoration rapid response team a call today at (520) 760-9352.

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After Hurricane Harvey--What Matters Most Are People, Pets, & Photographs

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Just Stuff!!! On a Houston Street. SERVPRO Helps Preserve Property, Pets, and Photographs After Hurricane Harvey

SERVPRO Helps People Preserve Their Pets and Photographs As We Grapple with the Storm Damage Cleanup

Hurricane Harvey left a lasting impression on the residents of large areas of Houston, Texas. The flooding was devastating, leaving a massive loss of property behind. But is all just stuff!!

Pictured is our leader and owner Rob Seigler who answered the call with his SERVPRO team, to help our distant neighbors during this time of crisis. The stacked and ruined furnishings and belongings could have just as easily been the result of a severe monsoon in our Tucson area.

The water removal was started as soon as the flood waters subsided from this property. Our crew, as part of a SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team, went to work to demolish all non-salvageable building materials, and remove furniture, carpets, fixtures, and belongings. The contaminated flood waters left no choice. However, we understand that the most important work is making sure that the locals were safe and sound.

We learned from the severe storm what is really important, above all else. People, Pets, and Photographs. Houses can be rebuilt; people cannot. Pets, our small partners in life, and the Photographs that keep us connected to our past, also can never be replaced. Though devastated by great water damaging losses, our friends and neighbors we just happy to be alive, hug their pets and treasure their photo albums. So in the next natural disaster! Remember, the 3P's--People, Pets, and Photographs!!!    

As we head home to our franchise--SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson in Arizona, we were uplifted by the resiliency of the Houstonians that are just like our own friends and neighbors in Tucson and the Catalina Foothills. Call us if you need help at (520) 760-9352.

A Happy Customer in Texas, Not Tucson

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Loves a Smiling Mrs. G in Houston After Hurricane Harvey Struck and Left the Cleanup to Us

SERVPRO Ranges Far and Wide to Help Hurricane-Ravaged Properties and People

Just another happy customer that our proud SERVPRO owner Rob Seigler had the privilege to meet and help. Better days are ahead after this horrific storm has passed.

When Hurricane Harvey caused devastating damage to the Houston, Texas area we responded as part of one of the SERVPRO National Disaster Recovery Team. Many homeowners like Mrs. G, who is standing beside me, smiled and made the best out of a terrible situation. We known the devastations on monsoons in Tucson, so we came with great empathy.

Our SERVPRO team extracted the water from her home using truck-mounted pumps, and wet-vacs even as other crew members were demolishing and tossing out to the curb all non-salvageable building materials and belongings. Our Green Fleet drove up well-stocked with industry-leading equipment to mitigate the flooding as best as possible. Just as impressive was our tireless efforts and long-hours to start to make this flooded structure Mrs. G's home again. She is a very sweet lady who enjoys doing yoga and can actually plank! Pretty soon she will be down on the mat planking again, with a smile on her face. Very impressive how she looked on the positive side of things; it was our pleasure to help in her time of need.

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson is proud to answer the call to help our neighbors, both near and far away from the Tucson, Catalina Hills, and Redington home turf. Ready 24/7 to remove flood waters by calling (520) 760-9352.

Helping Texas clean up

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson is devastated hearing about all the losses that occurred because of Hurricane Harvey. When we heard that they needed assistance, we immediately volunteered and deployed some of our team to help those who were affected. Our guys drove to Houston, Texas this early September and have successfully assisted many while they were there. Daily, our team is working very hard to restore these homes and assure that the homeowners are aware that they are in good hands. Houston is beautiful and seeing these gorgeous big homes destroyed by the floods is devastating. Our guys are quick to every job no matter the circumstance they were in. This only proves that there is no job too big for SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson to handle and with this, we plan to continue helping as much as possible.

Roof Tarping during Monsoon Season

8/17/2017 (Permalink)

Every year that strange phenomenon happens called Monsoon. Rain and high winds peel flat or low pitch roofs off the deck or substrate. Tarping to keep water out is tricky!!! Every roof has different pitches, angles, and crickets to divert water run-off. This homeowner suffered two water damages due to the intense storm were had this summer. Lucky this client knew right away to call SERVPRO of Northeast Tucson. Though we were receiving a high volume of emergency calls, we made it a point to rush over to this client. As you can see from the picture, we placed around 1,500 Sqft of tarp as a temporary fix. We then went ahead and proceeded with the emergency water mitigation services. Homeowner was pleased with our staff as we restored his home back into better conditions. We informed him that we are just here to help.  

Typical Tucson Weather...

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mother Nature is very indecisive here in Tucson, AZ. What should have been two days of nice heavy rain turns into a single day of on and off pour. With this typical weather, the rain comes out of the blue and just like that you notice a puddle caused by a leak coming from your living room ceiling or a drenched carpet because you left your window open or whatever the case may be. As much as we enjoy the rain when it comes, it is unpleasant to come home to a soaked carpet or dripping ceiling. SERVPRO® of Northeast Tucson is fast to arrive and happy to attend all your water emergencies. Don’t let these unexpected situations stress you out, call us at (520)760-9352 and allow us to take care of your home like it never happened!